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Over the past 12 months a considerable amount of work has been done on one of our churches, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The church was built in 1878. It is a Grade II listed building and essential repair work has been carried out.
Thank you to all have made donations and to those who have contributed in so many ways to the fund raising - still a long way to go!









Confirmation for Adults

Any adult or older teenager who wishes to be Confirmed by Bishop Rawsthorne on 15th March should leave name, age and contact numbers either by letter or email. There will be a short period of preparation.


We tend to think of temptation in terms of a sin magnet. It’s the opposite pole to where we should be and like all magnetic opposites we’re attracted to it even though we know it’s wrong. The cake on the plate just seems to have a power that draws us; it attracts us because that’s what temptation does.
It surprises a lot of people that this is not really the meaning of temptation… read more


We all like to feel comfortable and we all have our own little ways of doing things that we’ve got used to. That’s because by nature we’re creatures of habit. We don’t like to be put out or troubled by having to learn new ways. We like a quiet life.
Religious people sometimes use their faith in the same way. It becomes a comfort and a crutch, a way of doing things that makes them feel secure and unthreatened. Faith becomes the spiritual insurance policy that guarantees peace of mind.
But at the heart of faith is risk… read more