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Over the past 12 months a considerable amount of work has been done on one of our churches, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. the church was built in 1878. It is a Grade II listed building and essential repair work has been carried out.

Phase 1 consisted of replacing weather-worn brick and stonework, repointing of the north and south facing outer walls (see photograph below), replacing all the downspouts and replacing and enlarging all the gutters to cope with the increased amount of rainfall which occurs in a major downpour,

This took place from May to October 2017.

Phase 2  consisted of re-roofing the porch and replacing and enlarging the gutters. Phase 1 cost over £230,ooo, Phase 2 over £20,000.

So far we have received grants of £107,000.

The essential repair work now completed, it is hoped that much needed decoration of the inside of the church (last decorated in 1992) can begin.

If you would be so kind as to support with any contribution, no matter how small, it will be gratefully accepted.

Father John Southworth
Parish Priest OLMC Church, 27 High Park St, Liverpool L8 8DX










Polish Community

For several years the Polish Community of Liverpool have been celebrating Mass every Thursday in St Patrick’s church. They also use it at the main feasts of the Church’s year such as Christmas and Easter.They have asked whether they can also use it on Sundays. Currently they use the Cathedral but that is not convenient for them or for the Cathedral.
We celebrate Baptisms on the first Sunday of every month at St Patrick’s so they would have use of the church after that.
I would be grateful if parishioners would let me know their thoughts on this, please let me know. See me in church or write to me by letter or email.

Confirmation for Adults

Any adult or older teenager who wishes to be Confirmed by Bishop Rawsthorne on 15th March should leave name, age and contact numbers either by letter or email. There will be a short period of preparation.


We tend to think of temptation in terms of a sin magnet. It’s the opposite pole to where we should be and like all magnetic opposites we’re attracted to it even though we know it’s wrong. The cake on the plate just seems to have a power that draws us; it attracts us because that’s what temptation does.
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We all like to feel comfortable and we all have our own little ways of doing things that we’ve got used to. That’s because by nature we’re creatures of habit. We don’t like to be put out or troubled by having to learn new ways. We like a quiet life.
Religious people sometimes use their faith in the same way. It becomes a comfort and a crutch, a way of doing things that makes them feel secure and unthreatened. Faith becomes the spiritual insurance policy that guarantees peace of mind.
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