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Over the past 12 months a considerable amount of work has been done on one of our churches, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. the church was built in 1878. It is a Grade II listed building and essential repair work has been carried out.

Phase 1 consisted of replacing weather-worn brick and stonework, repointing of the north and south facing outer walls (see photograph below), replacing all the downspouts and replacing and enlarging all the gutters to cope with the increased amount of rainfall which occurs in a major downpour,

This took place from May to October 2017.

Phase 2  consisted of re-roofing the porch and replacing and enlarging the gutters. Phase 1 cost over £230,ooo, Phase 2 over £20,000.

So far we have received grants of £107,000.

The essential repair work now completed, it is hoped that much needed decoration of the inside of the church (last decorated in 1992) can begin.

If you would be so kind as to support with any contribution, no matter how small, it will be gratefully accepted.

Father John Southworth
Parish Priest OLMC Church, 27 High Park St, Liverpool L8 8DX










Holy Year of Mercy


The logo for the year of mercy is a very clever piece of artwork. At first glance it would seem to be a picture of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. A closer look sees, not a lamb being carried but a man. It is Jesus, the Good Shepherd, taking upon his shoulders the lost soul.

Tuesday evening Mass

Despite making assurances about the Tuesday evening Mass we will have to change the time on Tuesday week, 16th March, because of Confirmations which is a service and not a Mass; this is normal practice as none of the children to be Confirmed have made their first Communion.

Mass on that Tuesday will be in the morning at 10am at OLMC.


I always meant to sort out that kitchen shelf and now that it’s crashed to the floor with all the crockery it’s too late. The same goes for that little chip in the windscreen that now looks like a spider’s web, and of course there’s that faulty old plug on the TV set which probably caused last night’s loud explosion during Coronation Street!
We love to put things off… read more

Knights of St Columba

The Grand Knight and Brothers of the Knights of St Columba, Council 9, would wish to express their sincere gratitude to Fr John and the Parishioners of Mount Carmel for the welcome they received on the occasion of their Pulpit Talk to attract new members, held a couple of weekends ago. We really are very grateful to you all. If anyone would like any further information, please contact our Membership Officer, Aidan Carney, on 427 7126.

Divorced & Separated Catholics

Support for Divorced & Separated Catholics: The Marriage & Family Life group of the diocese are continuing their series of meetings after Easter. There are leaflets at the back of church for those who might be interested. You might know someone who does not come to Mass who might appreciate the support which this group offers.


There’s an air of anxiety in our scripture readings at the liturgy today. God shows Abram (before he became Abraham) that he will stand at the top of a lineage with many descendants and that he will take possession of the land. But Abram is still worried about the future: “My Lord, how am I to know that I shall inherit it?” And God has to reassure Abram,… read more

CAFOD Lent Fast Day

The focus of this year’s Lent Fast Day is to ensure that girls living in the world’s poorest countries are free to change their lives by getting an education. CAFOD is working with local expert organisations around the world to bring water to family homes, so girls who used to spend hours collecting it every day, now have time for school, study and to play with their friends.
There are envelopes at the back of church if you wish to Gift Aid your donation. The collection will take place next weekend.
This year the UK government has promised to match every pound and penny you give this Lent. So whatever you give will be doubled.