“Once, while preaching in a parish, I suddenly caught sight of a young mother with her child and you could see the love between them. I was terribly tempted to say to the congregation: Forget what I am saying and look over there, and you will see what we mean to God.”

Those words were spoken by the late Cardinal Basil Hume. In a simple way he shows that God’s way of communicating with us is not through lofty pronouncements, but in and through the ordinariness of human life.

What more lovely or simple thing could we wish to see than a mother and baby enjoying each other’s company? We see it every day all around us but it’s not that often that we stop to think and go beyond the obvious. The love between a mother and baby is a sign, a pointer to the love that God has for us in his Son Jesus Christ. Since God is true love itself, every act of love we witness and experience is a manifestation of divine love.

When we love, it is God in action. And when we see love in others we can catch a glimpse of God’s favour to our world for we are looking at love itself.

In today’s gospel Jesus cured a deaf man with a speech impediment. In fact, the deaf hearing and the dumb speaking were signs that the Jewish people waited for as an indication that the new age of God’s reign was about to begin. So Jesus’s miracle was a messianic sign, a sign associated with the coming of the long-expected saviour whom God had promised through the prophets.

In this new age of the kingdom of God people are set free to see things that lay hidden, to hear of the wonders that God is working day by day, and to tell others about God’s goodness.

And, of course, that time is now. God never gives up on us, any more than the mother would give up on the baby. And we Christians exist to discern that loving presence of God in our world and to point it out to others. That’s why God has opened our eyes, unblocked our ears and loosened our tongues.


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